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George Antonios

Atlanta, United States

Electro House, Progressive House

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Now you may be asking yourself, “who is George Antonios?” Well, George Antonios isn’t just a person, it is the brand new project behind musical mastermind George Sideris. As a former member of the notorious Electro duo SupaPhreshh, George has shared the stage with the likes of Darth & Vader, Hulk, AK1200, Mark Instinct, and MartyParty.

Beginning his musical education at a mere 6 years old with the Piano, George has gained a knowledge and understanding of what it means to not just play music, but to create it as well. Through grade school he continued his musical exploits by trying his hand at many other instruments such as the Baritone Saxophone, and the guitar. At only 21 years old, George continues his education at Berklee for Music Production.

Beginning his electronic music endeavors by hosting a Trance show at his local college radio station back in 2010, George’s EDM career has done nothing but skyrocketed. Moving his musical focus to all things House, it is hard not to hear those pounding electro or progressive beats throughout the Atlanta club scene without seeing George on the stage with the crowd in the palm of his hand.

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