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George Acosta

Miami, United States

Progressive House, Trance

AKA: Planet Soul

405 Recordings, Aco Music, Armada Music
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At the pinnacle of Miami’ dance scene lies a phenomenom that has been three years in the making. As we enter the new millennium, this club is at the forefront of the future in music. The club is none other than Shadow Lounge, Miami’ Trance Temple. The DJ is trance cowBoy George Acosta, your guide to the trance elements of the future.

Known as the “Trance Conductor” he releases a charge of energy every week through the lounge’ mammoth sound system that shakes the earth and brings his followers to there knees. At present Shadow Lounge is considered by many europeans to be America’ most important link to the trance movement that has already overtaken Europe. America’ Premier trance DJ brings you into his home. “When I play the Lounge I feel Like I am at home, I look down to the dance floor and I see my people, they understand me, they understand what is happening as I spin my records. Every time I step up to the turntables at Shadow Lounge it’ like the martix, I can’t describe what happens I just want it to stay”.

George sees the Shadow Lounge as a medium by which he can communicate peace and love to all as we enter the new mIllenium."