Top 25k on The DJ List


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hard Dance, Hardcore / Hard Techno

AKA: Robert De Wit

Genius Beatport


Genius is an artist in heart and soul he early knew that his passion was with house music. He has a preference for the harder styles of House.

At the age of 19 he started to play on the wheels of steel and he learned from the best DJs in the Netherlands namely Panic (Forze dj team) and Stanton (Parkzicht Rotterdam).

Because they were his teachers and roll models he learned to spin house classics as well, in a way that other DJs of his age can’t, meaning with the same feeling and skills as the DJs of that time (1988 till 1995). He knows the records like they were brought out yesterday and plays them just as easy as new records.

Most people like that about him, he mixes the old-style records with the new-style records and keeps a close eye on the public and giving them exactly what they want to hear and that makes him unique.

The year 2002 did open doors for him, Stanton who was resident in the Rotterdam Club “Hardbeat café” asked him to become the second DJ of the club, a golden opportunity for Genius off course. He learned a lot from Stanton during that time.

When Stanton left Hardbeat café in 2003 Genius became the main DJ of the club.

Hardbeat café did organize special nights as well inviting the famous DJs of the Netherlands to come to Hardbeat café, Genius became friends with a lot of them.

He has a personality that is very friendly and easy going and he is liked by many people. Mix that together with his skills and you have the perfect combination.

The artist helped him a long the way and recommended him to the promoters and that was the start of his career. It went really fast and he had bookings from the best promoters in the Netherlands, naming Back 2 School, Q-dance, Coalitionz, Inside Events and many more. With some of these promoters he already has a residency on their events.

Genius has a special band with his fans, he always makes time to talk to them and listen to them if they want to hear some special records. They voted Genius as upcoming DJ of the year 2003 and he is working very hard to life up to their expectation. When his name is on the flyer you can bet that there will be a large crowd.

Besides his work as a dj he is working in Mid-town the best record company in the Netherlands. Some days he is working in the shops and some days he is working in the distribution center.

On the first of may 2004 Hardbeat café will be closed unfortunately but Genius will start playing at another Club called “Close up” that’s located in Vlaardingen near Rotterdam. He will be playing there 2 weekends in a month and the rest of the weekends he is playing on Events around the country.

Genius is very busy in the studio at the moment and we hope that he will release his first record this year.