Top 50k on The DJ List

General Malice

Los Angeles, United States

Drum & Bass

Big Cat, N20
General Malice Beatport


Fresh off his 16th vinyl release, General Malice continues to pave the way for the Hardstep – Bboy jungle sound. Bringing to the table a combination of raw Hip Hop & Dancehall flavors mixed with hard crashing drums banged out on an MPC. Darkside drum and bass mixed with the soul & vibe of the oldskool. The General Malice sound has garnered an army of rugged junglists from LA to Tokyo. His dub plates & releases have been rocked by names such as : Starscream , RAW, CRS? , Capital J , Dj Craze , Nicky Blackmarket , Terry T , Marly Marl , Frankie Gunns , Cassien , Tek Threat , Audio 1 , and many more. Bringing it live with the hardest dub plates & manic energy at shows all across North America every time, including his arsenal of special VIP vocals from many of the big names in reggae / dancehall. With anthems such as “This is the Year,” “Platinum,” “Blaze de Chalwa,” released on Big Cat Japan and recent releases “Fallen,” “Dun Dead Already,” and “Launch the Attack,” on N2O Records, there’s no stopping the force of this fiercely dedicated N2O Souljah.