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Stockholm, Sweden

Breaks, Drum & Bass

Gena Beatport


Gena’s interest in electronic music started early. Born in Stockholm 1976, she grew up listening to Kraftwerk. She felt there was something special with that kind of music, so when the acid house wave came across Sweden about 1989, there was no surprise when she came home with the latest acid and hit house cassettes.

The music interest grew stronger and it was mostly techno and breakbeat that caught her attention. At the age of 15, Gena started to dig for the latest 12" in the record stores, which proved to be very successful since she came home with stuff like “The Prodigy Experience”, T99, “Breaks, bass & bleeps”, Cubic 22 etc.

In 1995 the record collection had increased quite a bit, so it was a natural step to toss out the old Hi-fi system and buy a proper pair of Technics 1210 and a mixer. As a result of her intensive practice in beat mixing she got her first gig, a warm-up set, at a club called “Le Garage” in Stockholm.

Through the years, Gena (member of the Klesha crew)has become a frequent name in the Swedish techno- scene with various appearances at radio shows, clubs, rave, bars, big parties and own club projects. Since the new millennium she has visited clubs and bars in Sweden like Monday Bar, Fokused, Mondo, Rekyl, SvajBar, Docklands, Imagine, Metro, Big Bad Bass etc.

Besides techno, Gena always had an interest for drum & bass, jungle and breakbeat. In 2004 that interest started to take more place and she was drawn to the UK- scene of breaks, breakstep and dubstep. Influences are producers like Backdraft, DMZ, Skream, Dj Distance, Vex’d, Darqwan and many others. She’s been called the new queen of breaks in Sweden, since that’s her dominant style today.

Music is what’ s most important to her and that’ s why she loves playing, since it’ s all about sharing that passion with others and have a really good time.