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Gemma Van D

Tech House

AKA: Gemma Van Der Hurk

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Gemma Van D

(Subsonic Music, Sydney, AU)

Gemma’s fervour for the 4/4 is apparent to all on her floor. Pulsing through her veins, out through her fingertips and into the mixer, it weaves a layered fabric of deep tech soundscapes scattered with bass and quirky nuances. Her presence and energy behind the decks are infectious; years of honing her mixing combined with a classical music and SAE education self-evident in her drawn-out percussive mash-ups between tracks and effortless key-matching.

On the rewind, Gemma discovered electronic music in 1998 which quickly led to her jumping behind the turntables whist a schoolgirl in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her career now spans 15 years and the Pacific. Crossing the Tasman in 2001, she’s held numerous residencies and regular guest spots across the East Coast of Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and beyond, her sound continuously evolving to the tempered underground house music she now purveys.

Not only confined to musical artistic expressions, Gemma has also designed art for events and nightclubs Australia-wide for almost 10 years. This synergy between her talents ultimately culminated in a spot within boutique festival, label and events collective Subsonic Music as a resident DJ, designer, and writer. 2014 sees her journey to Europe, relocating to London to seek out the sounds which have inspired her throughout the years and work on her latest project.