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Gemini (Leigh Uk)

Leigh, United Kingdom


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well im 27 and bin djing for 12 years i got my love for music when i was goin to the funfair on the waltzer they ust to play the best music then my passion started from there really i use to go to bars when i was 16 tryin get sets n i was lucky to find somewere yes i lied about my age but i needed the experience so i played there for a while then i started playin bounce music for a bit then about 2007-2008 i got into funky house i got a job at a club cause a dj let them down i went everyweek i loved it as time passed electro came into it then and minimall house n tech house i play allsorts now i play cds and usb sticks i would say when in the zone im very talented at what i do iv never taken drugs music is my drug and the crowd is a booster if u come to watch me play live you would get the vibe i give off and see my passion for djing. iv bin doin it so long now and i still get the hairs on back of neck stand up when i play. in 2010 i went to sidari in corfu before when id never bin abroad or had a passport but i went on my own met people and enjoyed it but i was under the impression it was to play house music but when i got there it was to play oldies i was abit gutted but i got on with it for 6week n then i had enough n on the 7th week i came home got fed up and the 2nd week of being home i went to ibiza on my own once again but only had £100 i got there on a fri night/sat morn at 4am i paid 30 euros for night bt got 2 nights for 60 left me with 40 for food n drink i went for a wonder then went bk to sleep on the sat night i walked around with my cds in hand and headphones on askin for dj work i got cover work but needed sumthing asap cause had no money then i walked in a bar called cheers he said he was sorted for a dj but i noticed no1 was playin n said il play tonight for free drinks and he agreed i did my set and he liked it and give me a job. i stayed 5 week till season ended then came back to england. im going back in may but will dj at events till then. if u have any q’s please feel free to inbox me thanks for your time reading this.