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Gee Moore

Ibiza, Spain


Media Records
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Bora Bora as it is today began in 1997 by a cosmopolitan band of workers and Gee Moore AKA DJ Gee. Before this time Gee had been a singer and guitarist in various bands playing in clubs and bars around London, it was named as “The London circuit”. It was his dream to have records out and tour the world with his band. To supplement his income and finance his studio he started his own businesses and shops. As the years went by the dream was starting to fade and so he started to DJ at clubs because he could earn more money than on the road with his band although he didn’t see it as a long term career. After couple of weeks he got his first residences, playing mainly U.S house, house and mostly speed garage. After a disagreement with a business partner a couple of months later and the untimely death of a friend he left for Ibiza, to have a break for a few weeks playing at a club in a small family resort.

After a week or so not realizing at the time that this was now his new home he was introduced to a man called Etienne from Belgium who was the new manager of a small quiet bar called Bora Bora. It was newly painted and Etienne asked him if he wanted to try out the new sound system.

The bar consisted of staff from countries such as Canada, France, USA, Spain, Uruguay and Germany, they all worked and played well together and soon built up a close friendship, both tourists and workers picked up on the unique vibe, something very special started to happen on the beach in Playa den Bossa Ibiza.

Gee recalls “it was like something out of a Bacardi advert. It was a real dream life, 200 or so beautiful people dancing in the sun on the beach and more on Sundays when all the workers and new found friends turning up on their day off”.

After a month or so Etienne and most of the staff left to work at club El Divino leaving Gee, the cook (who is the only other remaining member to this day) and his friend Raj from Argentina, but Gee was having time of his life and although for the first two years tried to keep the press away through fear of spoiling the vibe, the bar grew in popularity every year with Gee playing his legendary 12 hours sets every day in the sun, he was living for the day and the only future plan he had was to never again live in UK now he had found his island paradise.

After that first year Gee would get most of his music from Germany which helped draw his attention to other artists like Da Hool and Naylin & Kane who became friends and played at Bora Bora from time to time. He was also introduced to a not so famous at the time producer dj Mauro Piccoto who had admired what he was doing at Bora Bora.

Mauro invited Gee to the studios of Media Italy to write a track which Mauro then remixed; Gee still had ideas and now from out of nowhere his dream to make music was alive again. This first track was also signed on to other record companies including the label of Madonna producer Jelly Bean which he released for the USA. Gee made many more successful tracks on Media records, like “Dolphin” and “Gimme more”. Gee also teamed up that year with Andy Manston and Julian (JDS) to form Gee Motion and sign “Blue Angel” to Oakenfold’s Perfecto label.

He says that he always writes each track with Bora Bora in mind and the vision of table top dancing on the beach in the sun.

React Music signed a deal for the successful Bora Bora compilations Titled “Bora Bora”, “Day and night” and “Beach Life” and two singles from Gee also “True Emotion” and “Panic”.

Bora Bora had the CD “Bora Bora Loves me loves you” signed to Spanish label Bit Music (House Works) who Gee has also started to write singles for together with DJ Ruff, David Ferrero and Pedro Del Moral from the label.

Gee has his own label Bora Bora Music which has seen four out of it’s five releases signed on to other labels such as London records, Ministry of sound, Media (Germany)and House works rec.

Bora Bora has had many other talented DJs as guests such as Brandon & Alex, Danny Tenaglia, Mr C, Smoking Jo, Malcolm Duffy, Fat Tony, Fergie, Todd Terry, to mention but a few. From 1999 onwards Colin Peters and Justin Tempo from Manumission, Andy G from the UK and DJ Ruff (Spanish DJ of the year 2002) came in to help at Bora Bora to ease the ever increasing work load.

Bora Bora and Beach bum Gee have become popular around the world and for this reason the Bora Bora tours started up to take the special parties to countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas, Gee recognizes that none of this would have become possible without the party people and friends of Bora Bora from all over the world.