Gavin Stiles Beatport


Gavin Stiles began his journey into electronic music about 7 years ago and has enjoyed every minute of it. Having played numerous clubs in Salt Lake City, such as: Bricks, Axis, Banana Joes, Xscape, Naked, and his current residency “Vortex”. He has had the joy of opening for such acts as: Paul Van Dyk, Jerry Bonham, DJ Icey, DJ Dan, Bad Boy Bill, etc. Coming into contact with a top DJ talent by the name of Scott Quick has helped him develop his abilities as a DJ and really opened his mind as to what this music is all about. To Gavin it isn’t about the DJ that makes all of this work, it is about the dancefloor that is important. It is about how you react to people on the dancefloor that creates the energy and keeps them coming back.