BIOGRAFY Gate 4 is a project that was launched in 2004, and that was specifically put together to produce electronic music. The band, initially composed by two fri... read more


Location: Viterbo, Italy Italy
Genre: Electro House, Electronica


Gate 4 is a project that was launched in 2004, and that was specifically put together to produce electronic music.

The band, initially composed by Two Friends, Fabrizio F. and Salvatore N., immediately reached the vertex in terms of production thanks to ?Astralis?. This track was recorded with the famous duo ?Nunrg?, and with the most popular label that produces this kind of music ? Vandit ?. Since its release in 2004 the track was played by the best Dj in the world, such as Paul Van Dyk and many others.

Fabrizio is the band?s Dj, he started mixing records in garages of his city, every suburb and hidden place was suitable in order to develop his passion for mixing. Practicing every day for several hours finally paid off, and he started winning various Dj cutting and scratching competitions (Simon Harris, Coldcut, Run DMC, Erick B. &Rakim and many others were his day to day bread). Winning these competition gave him the right visibility to start his Dj career in night clubs (Imperiale, Hollywood, Ku, Even, Picasso, Red Zone, Garage, Maskara, Cyborg ?Area 51?, Mammuth, Rei120, Lenox, On the road, Mojito, MixFm and many other clubs, radio stations, sport fields one nigth and events ), with djs like Giacomo Miccich, Sario Ricci, Cirillo, Francesco Zappal, Mr. Benfy, dj Pity and many more..

In 1994 Fabrizio met two top producers of the Sound Never Seen production label in Rome, Andrea Benedetti and Eugenio Vatta, Remix Staff, Sandro Nasonte prouction, and started recording his first EP. With these producers he recorded ?Diabolik step SYSMO 105 Various Child Rome?, a track that immediately became number one in the techno music charts of the capital.

As times went on Fabrizio met popular Dj and the best in the dance music field, Graziano Pegoraro, Claudio Zennaro Einstein dr dj, Sergio Portaluri, Fulvio Zafret, Mario Pinosa, Giorgio Tolomeo, with these people he created melodic dance music for Enterprise, Zyx and Media Records. Encountering these people has given Fabrizio the opportunity to acquire a wider music panorama. Fabrizio started placing melodies alongside his techno beats, and the mixing of them has been a natural evolution.

Salvatore, a businessman and technician specialized in sound system installations, decided to market his experience and knowledge in the car tuning installation field. He obtained excellent results and started travelling the world, teaching, and winning prestigious prizes, and finally decided to put all his effort into his new business.

On the other hand Fabrizio continued producing music, firmly believing that he?s on the right track. His decision brought forth good results, also thanks to his intuition and to the experience acquired in the night club and music production fields.

Gate4 encountered Giuseppe Ottaviani, one of the top trans music producers, and an ongoing exchange of ideas and beats started and resulted in new projects right from the start.

….a new production is ready. Coming soon.