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Gataka is Matan Kadosh a psychedelic trance artist from Afula in the northern part of Israel. Gataka is considered by many to be one of the leading artists of modern day psytrance. Matan started playing psytrance at the age of 15 and has immense experience under his belt. He is a part of the popular psytrance project Sesto Sento along with Aviram Saharai and Itai Spector, both from Afula also. He had released under his belt three albums as Gataka in Phonokol records (Drop the mask 2003, Home made Madness 2004, In trance we trust 2005) and as Sesto Sento 4 albums in Com.pact records (The Inner Light 2002, The Bright Side 2003, The Remixer 2005, Come Together 2006), among those he had also compiled several compilations such as BPM 1 & 2 (Agitato records), Afula On (Com.pact records), The next generation part 2 (Phonokol records) & Spaced Out (Noga records). During the years he had collaborated, remixed and remixed by with various artists like GMS, Infected Mushroom, Space Cat, CPU, Silicon Sound, Protoculture, Rinkadink, Lish, Aquatica, Apocalypse, Bizzare Contact, Visual Paradox, Pop Stream, Triptych, Poly, E-fact, Indra, Ziki, Intergalactik, Thujon, Perplex, Paranormal Attack, System Nipel, Star-X, Guitarists – Patrik, Gabriel Mafra, Tzahi Yizhak, Singers – Stevo Mafra, Johanna Gercsh, Moira & Sapir Asy. Since Sesto Sento’s first album he had played in almost every place in the world, places such as Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brasil, Chile, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, USA & Ukraina. and of course almost in every place in his homeland – Israel. Bringing his unique style and his funky powerful trance drive, sending to the dancefloor electrifying vibes. Expect much more from him to come…

love & light