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Stuttgart, Germany


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“The sound in itself puts me in depths of the sea,It stretch myself to lose balance – Gary Beat! 2012”

Beat Gary Born in 1978, is a German house DJ and producer with roots in England, he grew up in Germany and learned early on the fascination of the musical world. Always been driven by the idea of founding his own band one day want to, he followed the music scene with great enthusiasm. Inspired by the increasingly resurgent techno scene in the mid 90s, it was only a matter of time until he went behind the decks. In 1996, he then gave his first debut in the Local Club Oxx, who had by this time the cult status and revelers. Inspired by artists such as Depeche Mode, Moby, KLF and also Kraftwerk, he knew immediately what direction it will go for it. In the 90s he´s Sound was still very trancy, he now plays for almost 15 years later, cool groovy house in all its variants. Full of Soul, Funk, Disco, Progressive, Deep, to minimal and tech house, he covers the full spectrum of house and can thus serve each with the perfect sound. He played with artists like Marusha, Mario Lopez, Mark Zaffarano, Constantin.K, Dan Lee, Pat Morita …… and many more. He played for the renowned operators such as: Club del Mar, Lake City Beats ……

In 2012 he forced to become increasingly known, for playing in Internet Radio Stations would enable us, with success, he had a Wheekly Mixshow on Cubase FM or played for Ibiza World Radio.

Just as he is producing to the fore again in 2012 with several tracks to listen to the first hint at what time he was already large. His first track, “Above the Clouds” was shown in over 200 Internet radio stations in the United States of America. So go to one of his shows, it’s worth it.

He has since 2012 under contract with the label Red Sea Dance Records

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