Top 50k on The DJ List

Gary Owen

Leeds, United Kingdom



Gary Owen’s Musical Style

As there a so many different Genres of House Music these days Gary doesn’t like to pin point himself to any one particular style, as he adapts and plays to the crowd in front of him.

His sound is a kind of driving funky house with a feel good vibe


Gary’s career has now spanned for just over 15 years, playing across Europe, The Far East and most recently southern Spain.

Gary has played at venues such as Pacha, Heaven, Ministry of Sound, The Palladium and many more venues alike.

Since his return to the uk, Gary has already made a name for himself Playing on a regular basis across the north of the UK, On nights such as Liquid, Dirty FunkA, Planetfunk

And many more including Groove Therapy were he has now accepted a Bi monthly residency.

Gary has also recently played a 60 minute guest hot mix on Seven FMs Seven Sessions.

Gary’s infectious style along with the energy that comes over when he plays is sublime and uplifting,

Gary simply takes it to the next level.