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Gary Delaney

Dublin, Ireland

Progressive House, Trance

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Gary Delaney is an upcoming DJ and Producer from the small town of Bray, Ireland. At the early age of 17, Gary was offered a home at John ‘00’ Fleming’s JOOF Recordings where he continuously exhibits his production skills, creativity and flexibility. Gary’s vibrant obsession with electronic music manifested at the age of 10 when he fell deeply in love with the hypnotic and mesmerising sounds of classic trance. He advocates trance and progressive as being one of the more aesthetic genres.

Gary began producing at the age of 16, having felt the need to express his musical ideas. From that day forwards, he began his life as enduring music student, fascinated by the ability to manipulate existing sounds and construct new sounds. He believes that this is something he can continue for the rest of life and it’s something he’s absolutely delighted to be apart of.

Gary draws inspiration from a plethora of contrasting music styles: Psy-trance, Progressive House, , Industrial are a fine example of the genres which influence Gary. Classic trance will always be held as a source of inspiration to Gary, however he boasts that taking advantage of new technology and advanced tools is the way forward for music.

In the year 2013, you will get a glimpse of Gary’s many different sounds through his upcoming remixes and EPs, ranging from Psychedelic to Downtempo