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Garth Hill’s love for music dates back to his youth. It was when he accompanied his father, a then wedding DJ to his gigs.Those memories were etched into his being forever.

At the age of 20 he left the shores of sunny South Africa to travel and London was his first port of call.

He loved the nightlife and eclectic nature of the city, and Garth would always be out and about enjoying the worlds best DJ’s nearly every weekend. That’s when he decided to make the city his home.

Inspired by the music, the crowds and what these DJ’s could do on the decks. Garth purchased his first pair of Pioneer CDJ 800’s two years ago and has since been virtually inseperable.

That purchase was one that Garth will look back at one day, as he pursues his desire to be a world class superstar DJ. He is a self taught DJ who has from his starting point risen dramatically into a club fixture and in rapid time. His personal music choices have changed since he first started clubbing, however Garth Hill is making a name for himself as a progressive and forward thinking Electro House DJ.

Garth has both the talent and ear for what the crowd wants and once he starts it’s a rare feat to find the dancefloor less than ‘’heaving’’. Capturing both his passion for music and his desire to be a top performer his sets are nothing but unstoppable. Encaptulating all that is House and taking the crowd on a rollercoaster of dance is done with ease for this groundbreaking performer.

With dozens of promoters vying for his services, Garth has graced several extremely impressive venues and lined up next to some of the worlds best.

Garth’s DJ career is an unstoppable machine which continues to evolve. With nothing but love for his audience you will no doubt get a buzz from his ability’s to demonstrate movement on the dance floor. With great enthusiasm in the booth I can assure you will be doing summersaults to his beats

Watch this space as Garth Hill, is going to be the next hottest thing to come out of the London dance scene.