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Garrido & Skehan

Santa Barbara, United States


Hardwired Productions, The Clubbers
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English English meets American English in the dynamic dance music duo that hit the scene with full force in 2011.

The duo is made up of Christopher Garrido and Jamie Skehan. The two met online back in 2009 and their first collaboration ‘Hold On’ was signed to Bonzai Digital along with two other smashing tracks including their dance floor smasher ‘Wasting Time’.

Cuban American Christopher Garrido (aka C-Gar) has been producing dance music since 2002. His productions skills combined with hard progressive style drums and bass provide the foundation of the Garrido & Skehan sounds.

Englishman Jamie Skehan brings a fresh perspective to the G&S sound. His raw musical talent and keen production ear provide some of the best melodies and uplifting feelings heard in the dance scene today.

In 2011, Garrido & Skehan release several huge tracks to wide DJ acclaim, including ‘Miami at Midnight’, ‘Changing Places’, and ‘Skywalker’ a collaboration with artists Majai.

In 2012, the duo start of with a fresh vocal trancer ‘Waiting For You (ft. Erin)’. Stay Tuned from some smashing tunes this year!