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Born on September 18 , 1987 In Lima Peru Dj Gare Ludena begin to Feel da Music …

when he was only 12 year’s old . Gare L one of the best up coming DJs/producers from the Miami electronic music escene.

Since 2008 Gare has been rocking parties all around Miami obtaining a great reputation for his skill to read the dancefloor and what the people want. The first sessions begin in 2007 in Discoteka Night Club , In Downtown Miami, where Gare L had the opportunity to share the DJ booth with some of the best local DJs in Miami. Very often, Gare L is playing in the best clubs of Miami , Such as :

Club Ink ( South Beach )

Diskoteka ( Downtown Miami )

Forbidden Room ( Downtown Miami )

Indra ( South Beach )

Cameo ( South Beach )

UnderBar ( Boston )

Mekka ( Downtown Miami )

Posh Lounge ( Naples , FL )

and among others. Also he has the opportunity to travel to Lima, Peru, This 2009 , throwing parties in the best clubs of the Peruvian capital. The skills that Gare has to build his sets, His very own style while he is playing moving himself between the tech/house sounds and the connection that has with the crowd, Make his sets an experience difficult to forget. This young peruvian DJ/producer relies on numerous appearances in the Winter Music Conference, along with the best DJs/producers of the electronic music industry around the world. Visit myspace for more info, music, videos and up coming events.

And Don’t Forget To check out Gare L Podcast The bring a bi-weekley Set with the Hottest Underground House & Techno Musik .