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The arc and trajectory on which Gang Gang Dance has propelled themselves since their inception can only be described in terms of evolution. Five individuals with strong tie... read more
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The arc and trajectory on which Gang Gang Dance has propelled themselves since their inception can only be described in terms of evolution. Five individuals with strong ties to the art community and almost boundless creative energy orienting themselves into a musical collaboration whose direction is almost as unpredictable as it is focused.

It can be said that Gang Gang Dance grew out of the turn of the century Null New York scene, as various members played or collaborated with such outfits as Cranium, Actress, Russia, Ssab Songs and Jackie-O Motherfucker. The genesis of the band was very much collaborative in nature with Brian Degraw, Tim Dewitt, Lizzie Bougatsos, Nathan Maddox and Josh Diamond experimenting in tiny practice spaces and only somewhat larger public venues with various other musicians peripherally involved.

By 2001 or 2002 the GGD moniker had been embraced, the lineup solidified and they played their most visible show to date, providing a soundtrack to an Imitation Of Christ fashion show at the Deitch Project. A trip out to a studio in Kentucky and a few long nights in a tiny studio in Chinatown birthed the 40 minutes that would become their first full length.

By 2003 the band had refined the tribal-futurism sound which they had been working with to it’s purest form. In October Revival Of The Shittest was cut together and released on The Social Registry, first in an edition of 100. The release of their first full length followed. The band was playing to packed clubs in NYC, exploding on stage, often passing out drums and flutes to audience members and their sound was one of perfectly controlled havoc.

It was the growing sense of control that became the groundwork for what would follow as the band began almost living in their practice space, sometimes playing seven days a week as they were writing. Through the spring and summer of 2004 they began to resurface, often unannounced, with new material that found them preoccupied with song writing & dynamics. The live performances were untouchable; bombastic and structured yet still resonating perfectly upon those innate elements of the psyche that their music had been playing to in their earlier years. By the close of 2004 they had played with Slint & Sonic Youth, London as part of a show at the ICA, toured with Animal Collective, cut together and released the Hillulah live record and tracked the material that would become their second full length God’s Money.

With the release of God’s Money in 2005 the band headed to play the Vincent Gallo curated All Tomorrows Parties in March of that year, and doing a short tour of Europe which found them playing in places from Portuguese punk clubs to museum atriums. A proper tour of North America was embarked upon with Bloodlines, an outfit built around the other two members of Tim & Brian’s first band Cranium. A riot was started in Seattle, members of the press found a new band to champion, and they ended their tour with a legendary outdoor performance on Spring Street in Soho.

GGD has just finished Retina Riddim a film which was released in April 2007. And are currently working on their EP slated for release in late 2007.