Dj Ganeisha is Raquel Espanhol, from Portugal. Music came quite soon in her life, because her father was a dj, so she has been living surrounded by music all her life. S... read more
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Location: Oporto, Portugal Portugal
Genre: Electronica, Psy-Trance

Dj Ganeisha is Raquel Espanhol, from Portugal. Music came quite soon in her life, because her father was a dj, so she has been living surrounded by music all her life.

Started working on a rock bar where she mainly mixed rock,metal,indie and 80s music, another kind of tunes that she loves.

Psychedelic Trance came into her life in 1998,when she went to her first party in which she received those …feelings psychedelic music can offer, that makes you start a journey in your brain and in your body. She tried her luck as a dj in a friends party in 2003 and since then the “mixing bug” stayed in her life.

Influenced mainly by psychedelic trance, night and also more morning tunes,she likes to create her own style, not forgetting what every soul in the dance floor likes to hear. In her dj sets we can hear artists from labels such as Nexus Media, Timecode, Yabai, 3d vision , Nutek among others.

Since 2003 she has played in several partys,sharing decks with artists like Logic Bomb, Skazi, Astral Projection, Talamasca, Neuromotor, Absolum, Penta, Shift, Rinkadink, Filteria, Azax Syndrom, Abomination, Sirius Isness, Outer Signal, Bliss, Tickets, Perplex, Rastaliens, Braincell, Miraculix, Rabdom L, Headroom, EMP, Twisted System, Phatmatix, Geko, Technodrome, Menog, Audialize, Khopat, among others. Already played at several national parties, for labels such as Quest4Goa, Omium, Trance Karma, Synergic Minds, Psy Art, Samaveda, Free Spirit, Full Moon Culture, Genetic Dreams, among others; and international partys in countries such as :

  • South African Tour 2011 @ The Village presents “The Gathering”| Disasterpeace Halloween Festival | Nexus Media & Psynopticz "Zone Festival | Groovy Troopers "Mandala Project

**Costa Rica @ Dancing with Mother Earth Fest & Magnetika Label Party – San José

**Greece @ Girls Generation vol.1 by Moonsun Rec & Night Oracle Rec

**[email protected] Distortion Party in Torino by Looney Moon and [email protected] Leoncavallo party

**France @ Magnetika Party in Batofar (Paris)

**[email protected] party at Sala Campus and Al-Andalus Festival by United Tribes in Cadiz-Spain.

**[email protected] as a Frog present " Cosmic Freak Show-Autumn Edition" .

**Ireland – Dublin @ Earth Dance Gathering

Started mixing Chill Out in 2005, creating mostly dj sets with influences like Chilled C.quence, Tikal, Younger Brother, Shulman, Aes Dana, Tajmahal, Highlight Tribe, Suns of Arqa, Nada, Hallucinogen, Deep Forest, Shpongle, Pedra Branca, among others.

In the trance and chill out area she has also a dj set project with Djane Tâmiris (Timecode/Spectral Rec/Magnetika Agency), called TAMIGANI.

In the end of 2007 she decides to create, along with dj Tamiris, a female artist agency called Magnetika Female Artist Agency, where they gathered a team of excelent women in the areas of music, vj, decor, and design, creating the bridge between them and the world.

Also in 2007 she enters the Artists/Dj area of the well known South African label NEXUS MEDIA, and in 2009 becomes one of the artists of the Quest4Goa crew.

In September of 2011 she releases her first compilation on Nexus Media, called “Secret Transmission”, gathering her tastes with the best sounds of South African and Portuguese best artists!!!

Check it out in Beatport :