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There aren’t many producers in this game that have had the same trip as the one like Gammer over the few years. Still hovering around his early twenties, the eccentric young music maker has risen from his early days crafting anthems for raver’s favorite Raverbaby and Essential Platinum to show a versatility that so many strive for but so few ever achieve. From his bouncy anthems on Quosh, ravey stompers on Maximum Impact, uplifting freeform on Relentless to his forthcoming gabba material and even hard dance, the producer known to his mailman as Matt Lee has stamped his individuality on every sub-strain of the modern hardcore scene, while always uncovering a fresh, innovative slant in the process. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also established himself as one of the most exciting DJ’s on the circuit to boot. Currently, Gammer works heavily alongside DJ Dougal and has large involvement in Essential Platinum. One of the longest running hardcore labels to date!