Gamma Beatport


Raymond Storey aka DJ Gamma started his road to become a DJ in a most typical way. He moved to Ottawa, Canada in Sept. 1999 from a small town and began attending electronic music events in Ottawa and Montreal. At the time Atomic in Ottawa and Sona in Montreal were among the best afterhours spots known in Canada. Also, the scene in Montreal included legendary parties such as Cream, Celebration, Bal en Blanc and Swirl. From the first taste of the scene, Gamma had wanted to bring his own music flavor to the crowd, and so began the journey from the purchase of the first set of turntables, to becoming one of the new sounds and faces in local music circles. Inspired by the likes of the crowd pleasing Max Graham, the ingenuity of Sasha, and great support from friends Raymond worked long hours to prefect his DJ skills. In 2002, he relocated again to Toronto, where he now resides. Through an Internet forum site, TranceAddict he made new friends and was able to integrate into the more intimate feel of the club scene in Toronto. With an even greater desire to perform and a bigger record collection and with an even larger support base of local beginner DJs like DJ Eso, Richard Taylor and Kevin Harcourt, Gamma was ready to show off his unique sound. The “New Talent Contest” at Destiny’s WEMF allowed Gamma along with Kevin Harcourt to do just that. Because of his approachable personality and sincere friendliness, Gamma has gained a loyal group of fans and even placing a very close 2nd in the Radio 2004 Toronto TranceAddict DJ contest. His club debut at System Soundbar in the Fall of 2004 was a huge success opening the door to new opportunities. Not to mention, Gamma’s few marathon live-to-air Sunday Sessions on 2HP Radio have become a recent trademark. If you like a unique blend of progressive tribal and tech house that will without a doubt get you moving, look out for this new DJ in 2005, you won’t be disappointed!