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Paris, France

Drum & Bass, Electro House

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With his experience in jazz, classical, rock and funk, DJ Galactic manages to pull it off something quite intriguing.

“Rebirth is currently ranked 15 in the funk section at mp3tunes. Furthermore, DJ Galactic’s former band, acid-jazz outfit Eclyptics, were placed number one in Vitaminic 2003 (Mp3 France) in the electro-funk category. Other validation of DJ Galactic’s music comes with his collaboration with famous French producer Stephan Pirot and singer Aurele Ricard for a short film entitled Ou Est La Tete. The CD’s title Rebirth highlights a turning point in DJ Galactic’s life when he decided to focus on electronic jazz as a solo artist. The title cut has a great groove and free-flowing, carefree energy, which both reflects and affirms an apparent ease and comfort for the artist as he embarks on this path in the new jazz medium.” —Jazzreview

DJ Galactic was born in France (though he now lives in Jerusalem), and started learning classical piano at eight years old. He soon realized this was not the path for him, after being inspired by a rock band he saw at a circus. His dad bought him a guitar, and he spent the rest of his adolescence and young adulthood as an extremely successful musician. At 23 he and a friend discovered the limitless possibilities that technology could offer. Eclyptics formed in 2001, and proved to be a highly affective vehicle for DJ Galactic’s talent. However, he soon found himself overflowing with ideas, and released Rebirth in 2005. His second album is one that takes electronic music and funk to even more new and exciting places. And there is more to come. DJ Galactic’s restless artistic ambition means he is already considering the future. He says: “My vision is to make one album in this style of music, then make another album in another style of music. My last album was electro jazz, the new one will be more electronica.”

DJ Galactic’s is currently working on a new release for 2008-2009: this will be an Electronic Music album combining digitalized voices, drum machine and real music instruments (Keyboard, guitar and bass). More information will be soon available here.

DJ Galactic released Electro Effect (Down Tempo / Electronica) in February 2010: in April 2010 the song Again from Electro Effect was awarded a Platinum Auddy and the song Far Away won a Silver Auddy. And in August 2010 Believe in Yourself received also a Platinum Auddy Award.

DJ Galactic released in Novemeber 2010 The comet, with a selection of the best Youtube Live mix.

From 2011 to 2012 DJ Galactic is working with Indie artists to develop collaborative project in the Electronic Music World: DJ Galactic is planning to release his new music Album for Fall 2014.

Oct 2015 Soul2tech has been released as his first house music album.

October 2017 Prototype (Drum and Bass / Jungle) has been released on all major digital store including beatport

DJ Galactic Started to mix DnB and launch a Prototype project around it

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