Gabriel Sordo Beatport


After a decade pioneering the house music scene in Guadalajara Mexico, the name becoming synonymous for electrifying dance floors everywhere he goes is Gabriel Sordo.

Gabriel began DJing in 1999 and a year later he joined forces with his best friends Jorge and Beto to begin creating music. Their shared drive and creativity led them to start the production trio Somnus Corp, which has led to a steady stream of releases that have been signed to some of the best labels in electronic music today. Their discography is successfully growing, most notably with ‘Expo 86’ which was included on Nick Warren’s GU35 Lima and ‘Spacer’ which will be included on Hernan Cattaneo’s 2009 Renaissance Masters compilation. Other successful releases have come from their work with Kosmas Epsilon, which produced the smash hits ‘Buenos Tiempos’ and ‘Metal Bronco’ that were played by Sasha & Digweed for thousands of people during their South American tour in 2008. Hours have been spent in the studio creating enough music to be used for Somnus Live, the act which has the trio playing solely their own productions while re-editing and remixing to create a truly unique listening experience.

As a platform to release Somnus Corp productions as well as showcasing quality tracks released by their peers, in 2007 Gabriel along with his Somnus Corp partners founded arguably one of the best new underground labels of today, Discoteca music, which they share with Tom Morgan, balErik, Dana Bergquist and Luke Fair.

Whether Gabriel is performing live with Somnus Corp or on his own Gabriel knows how to create a vibe on the dance floor that keeps the energy high and the crowd begging for more! He transcends boundaries blending all genres of house into his sets, from tech to progressive, from deep to disco, his mixing and track selections are always on key creating a smooth sound that has drawn listeners from across the globe. He has performed all over Central and South America including his native Mexico, Panama, Buenos Aires, Bogata, Costa Rica and as far as Toronto, Lithuania, Beijing, Dubai and Shanghai. His keen ear and professionalism behind the decks has allowed him to play alongside some of worlds best DJ’s including Sasha & John Digweed, Danny Howells, Nick Warren, Sander Kleinenberg, Luke Fair and Hernan Cattaneo just to name a few.

In a time when everyone wants to be a DJ and 14 year olds are producing tracks from their bedrooms it is becoming the listener’s job to have the ear sharp enough to know what is true talent. Gabriel is a true talent that needs to be heard. His passion and charming personality shines through his music and is making him a world class player as not only a DJ but as a successful producer and label.

“Such a talent just can’t get wasted. People need to hear him out, believe me; he knows how to treat the crowds. Gabriel approaches music like the ladies, gentle in the beginning, nice and warm, but evil and reeeally peak in the later parts of his sets” Kosmas Epsilon.

“There’s a lot of great DJ’s out there. There are even more quality producers. However, few can do both at a world class level. Gabriel Sordo is one of the few. Gaby can work within all vibes, every genre; this guy is a natural born musician.” Gregor Davidson (bringthebeats)

“I like his track a lot, I’ve been playing them in my sets and included one on my new Renaissance Masters compilation” Hernan Cattaneo

“Gabriel’s name is growing and with good reason. He’s equally excellent at both production and DJing and also has an excellent ear for music. I’m glad to be working with him on the Discoteca label!” Luke Fair