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Maybe the fact of seeing that the world turns across musical different dimensions and to see that from our childhood the electronic music especially has “mutated” across you are last decades, it sets us to look at the sky and to say! God! to where go now, I do not know it. The only thing that one sees actually(indeed) is that the music turns aside to stelas never imagined by the today producers. Maybe Carl Sagan had reason " we are a bundle of light in comparison with the immensity of this universe ". Today, these effluvia mutate proportionally to the technology.

All this roll begins for Gabriel Castro from very young. The development of the music from the decade of the 90 catapults the reappearance of the electronic scene in Colombia and renews the airs that the italo House were stopping justly when the acid began to re-arise inside the national “broadcasting”. All that and of the hand of big local talents they lead Gabriel Castro to being a participant of this new line. Big local talents have been together with him. Andrés Macias, Steven K, Jhon Jairo Padilla, are also participants of this great rail that seeks to agglutinate across the electronic waves a culture, a philosophy, an art formed across the language of the machines

At present the production of music is the fingerprint that the today dj producer forms and that across her focuses his trend on a specific point of the music. Gabriel Castro forms in his music what it thinks and assimilates of the today world across the concepts lounge and changing direction towards airs electros and minimalizados. " The music mutates, and the globe Castro turns to the pace of his actions "-Gabriel Castro