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Gabbi Beatport


Gabbi Lopez is a London based DJ/producer with a valuable experience within the music scene along the way.

French born with Portuguese origins, Gabbi grew up in North Portugal where his first adventures in music began. When he discovered house and techno, he dedicated hours behind his decks practicing with vinyls in a religious way.

The chance to be involved within the local club scene appeared as a distinctive point of no return to nothing else other than music and djing.

Appearances in well-respected clubs have landed as well as his own radio show, where his different influences were being showcased.

Diverse electronic sounds from different cities kept floating in Gabbi’s mind. It was then when he decided to move to London to study music production and search for the right path to take.

Getting a job in a record store, Gabbi gained more music knowledge, getting a taste of various musical genres. His talent has now being recognised in London’s scene and more regular gigs started coming in underground parties.

2003 was the year that Gabbi moved to East London’s Bricklane, where he kept a long residency at 1001 Café. It was also the place where he met his long time partner Altino Fernandes. Together they have established “Brickbeat”, a series of strong electronic music events,and after the russian bar.

A number of quality showcases and parties have also been produced in London’s clubs and warehouses by the duo, involving more artists.

Their record label “Release Sustain” was born in 2009 as a collaboration of multi cultural artists, with distinctive production skills and joined musical ethos.

Gabbi’s sounds range from dark grooves to dreamy sequences, unfolding varied styles of hypnotic techno, dub, house and minimalism, influences presented in his dynamic sets and music production.

His ability to captivate the audience comes naturally on the dancefloor, an ability that made his reputation expand in London’s most famous clubs (Fabric, Pacha, Ministry of Sound, The End & more), various venues around Europe, also supporting the industry’s biggest players in several occasions.

Derrick May, Joey Beltram, Francois K, Stacey Pullen, Terry Francis, Rolando, Felix Da Housecat, Eddie Richards, Jimpster, Dave Angel, Metro Area, Tobias, Nathan Coles, Jay Tripwire, Maceo Plex, Vince Watson are some of the artists he has played along side.

?Gabbi continues to work in several quality projects, his record label and different events-from “12 hour music marathons”, to a variation of quality residencies and successful releases.

His passion about music and spirit of keeping his audiences satisfied are characteristics of his non-stop thirst to genuinely satisfy all senses.