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From the age of 13, the only prediction “G” could make about himself or his career was that he would ultimately be a part of the illustrious music industry.

After starting out his career as a resident DJ in the reputed club Flames, Le Meridian, in India, he decided to go colossal with his career.

He joined the underground EDM circuit and for the past three years has been using his time there effectively by acclimatizing himself with the challenges of this commercial music oriented world. Post the completion of his bachelors in Electronic Media, he moved back to Dubai, his other home town, to pursue yet another degree in audio production to further rear his skills in music production.

As his passion for deejaying cannot be overridden by academic progress alone he can be seen spinning his best at the Fraktal fridays, at Chill, Royal Ascot Hotel, Dubai, Glitch at Chi, The Lodge, Dubai and other Unit:E events. He Has shared the spotlight with beatport king pins Ahmet Sendil, Sam Farsio and Wisqo/Wisquo, Italoboyz, Ital and various others.

With his need to constantly best himself “G” is and will be known in the EDM industry as a force to reckon with!



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