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G Stylez

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hard Dance, Trance


Dj G-Stylez is a dj from the Netherlands. He was born in Amsterdam 30 years ago in 1978 the 18th of January. He started experimenting with music at the age of 9 years old. Later on he mixed tapes. Through the years he evolved more into the sound of house. At the age of 12 he got hooked to the music. He liked synthesizer music and when he heard the combined sound of house and synthesizer he knew that there was no turning back anymore for him. He started to collect house cd’s like serious beats, move the house, turn up the bass, technotrance, thunderdome and the houseparty collection from arcade music, and so on. He played at several birthday parties of friends in the neighborhood at the age of 15 with a simple cd player. Later on he met a dj called Dipu. He showed him the world of the wheels of steel. It was a phenomenon he had never experienced before. He started also mixing with him at his home. Later on, he got some old record players. He bought some records from the label Ruffneck Records and Ruffex label. Then he bought even more records with all his savings money he had earned working at a supermarket at that time. Fire Records, Terrortraxx, Mokum Records all got his attention to. This became an addiction of Dj G-Stylez.

A few years ago he started buying Hardstyle records, like Zany, Hardheadz, Hardstyle masterz and many more! Nowadays he buys Trance and Hardtrance as well. G-Stylez is addicted to the sounds of Club, Trance, Progressive, Hardtrance, oldstyle, Hardstyle and even Hardcore. The passion that drives G-Stylez is pure musical and euphorical! G-Stylez has now found more passion in Trance, Progressive & Hardtrance. It’s the path he wants to walk to become one of the greatest Trance DJs in the nearby future. The dream that he is trying to reach is getting to the top, just to enjoy it with thousands of people in one big area! He’s gonna give it all, so pay attention to Dj G-Stylez. The year 2006 brings us a performance of Dj G-Stylez @Caf Alex located in the place Zandvoort. In 2005 he joined the organization called XLDJ Connections, for a better future, along with other djs like Dj Tensity, Dj Jacques-D (The founder and organizer of XLDJ), Dj Castro Le China, Dj Just-D, Dj Esence, and many more great dj’s with the passion for music like G-Stylez!

Nowadays he’s spinning often @ the event called LOUD in town called Purmerend the P3 an dhe spins there together with his turntable pall Dj Tensity at the foyer all night.

A vieuw times he spins @ Powerzoneradio in Alphen a/d rijn…more bookings to come this year for this passionated dj!

Dj G-Stylez Quote of life, “Live each day as if it’s your last, learn as if you might live forever.”

Dj G-Stylez stands for Trance, Hardtrance & Progressive Dj Cyrax is a Pseudo name for the harder styles Hardstyle & Hardcore