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In the year 2006 Grazian Zwick aka DJ Amazing Graze and his younger brother Gerrit Zwick aka DJ Nogard founded the project “G-Style Brothers”. With this fusion a combination of two different styles of mixing and deejaying has been created which is the main feature of this dj-team and makes them extraordinairy.

At the beginning of 2006 the project G-Style Brothers started the first attempts to conquer the Hardstyle scene.

Meanwhile the two brothers have showed their skills in many different clubs and have performed on many events. Up to now they are performing with acts like “Showtek, “Headhunterz, “Brennan Heart, “Technoboy, “Isaac”, “Coone”, “Wildstylez and many more.

Since 2008 they present live-sets at the radio-station “Sunshine-Live” (biggest radio station for electronical music in Germany) in special program shows. The G-Style Brothers are also part of “Sunshine-Live Welcome To The Club” at Kinki Palace in Sinsheim where the two brothers are responsible for the organisation of the hardstyle floor. Therefor they work together with many famous booking agencies.

2008 was also the year in which the two brothers have started to produce their own tracks together with their friend and mate Stefan Haschke. In January 2009 they finally released their first track called “We Bring You Bazz” on “Tunnel Records” which had smashing start with on compilations like “DJ Networx vol.39”, “Hardstyle Germany vol.4” and others.

To this day their tracks “We Bring You Bazz”, “United Az One”, “Our World”, ”Momentz”, “Down South MF”, “Dark Noisez” and “United Az One 2012” are part of compilations like “DJ Networx”, “Tunnel Trance Force” and “Hardstyle Germany”. Add to this the G-Style Brothers have reached many good chart results in the German-, Swiss-, English DJ-Charts and on www.hardstyle.com.

Since 2010 the two brothers have performed on the “I-Motion” events “Ruhr in Love”, “Nature One” and „Toxicator“.

At the beginning of 2011 the two brothers mixed and compiled one site of the compilation “Hardstyle Germany

vol.6”. Since then they are also responsible for the second CD of the popular German compilation “DJ Networx”.

Therefor the two brothers receive the support of famous labels like Scantraxx, Fusion, Dirty Workz, Theracords and many others.

You can hear the G-Style Brothers every Thursday with their broadcast show “Bazz Control” in the web on

www.HardBase.Fm from 20:00 till 22:00 o`clock!!!