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Fynex is the solo project of Frederic Jauvin, a 40 years old french musician who lives in Bordeaux, in the south of France. Introduced to what is called nowadays “psytrance” around 2000 with the famous Gaia parties, he felt in love with the genre and decided to study it…to eventually produce his own music later.

Between 2005 and 2007, he has invested his money to build a proper studio and learn how to make electronic music ( and more particularly psytrance and progressive trance ) with a computer… and he was lucky enough to meet , and become close friend, with some experienced producers such as Talamasca, X.S.I, and Deedrah, who have invited Fynex in their studio many times to show him a lot of studio tricks that will be useful for him as a producer…and he learned quite well because only few months after this, Fynex finally released his first EP : " TRANSCENDENTAL STATE " on GEOMAGNETIC records, a label who has become famous to discover the new talents of tomorrow .

Fynex is of course playing as a Dj but he’s working on his first album after the success of his first EP, and when the album will be ready he will begin to perform live. He had his first party as a Dj in the GIBUS club, a very well known club of the Paris underground city life, for TEKNO TANZ, very well known promoter of the gaia parties in France. The reaction of the public in that event was so amazing that it motivated him to play more and more, ( and maybe in a larger scale, including some progressive trance mixes when he happens to begin or to close a party …) and he already produced few mixes for online radios such as midiradio, and of course the famous WWW.PSYCHEDELIK.COM .

You can follow him on his facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fynex/218550601558601 and SOUNDCLOUD : https://soundcloud.com/spotless-mind