Fuzz Beatport


Currently living in Cleveland, Ohio Fuzz (aka Kevin Lamb) truly lives electronic music of all forms. Growing up Fuzz was always drawn to the more electronic side of music even as a youngster. Growing up in a neighborhood that was quickly saturated with what is now more commonly known as “hip-hop”, only helped to form one of the cornerstones to Fuzz’s sound. Early on he would stay up late on the weekends to record the now legendary Cleveland Rapper’s Delight show which broke such acts as Bone Thugs & Harmony, Eazy E & Nwa and many more. It was during this show that Fuzz realized he could record the tracks played on dual cassettes and create his own mixes for himself and friends. During this time he met a few friends who took him to a local club breaking the newest electronic music sounds from the UK in a very underground warehouse feeling venue called Metropolis.

There was no turning back at this point as Fuzz quickly found the sounds that he truly fell in love with. Returning every Sunday night for several years and learning all he could about the music, this was to become the music that Fuzz would dedicate his passion to. Eventually Fuzz and his many friends found themselves traveling all over for various events the largest of which were in Baltimore, Maryland at the time. Eventually Fuzz moved to Baltimore which was to become the solid foundation he needed to grow and become more involved in the EDM scene. Being influenced by the likes of Dj Who, Scott Henry, Feelgood, Terry Mullan, Dj Dan and many others he became a regular at Modern Music where he invested alot of time in finding the hottest tracks all the while practicing his mixing and shaping his sound. Leaning more toward the breaks and heavy bass sounds of the south Fuzz was determined to forge his own path.

Moving back to Cleveland, Ohio brought Fuzz even closer to the scene he loves so much. Working with numerous production groups and other artists and dj’s Fuzz made his mark on the still blossoming EDM scene in Cleveland. Some friends of his introduced him to Sleepy C which was the beginning of his involvement with Psychoactive Records & Dj System. Working at Sleepy C’s Deep Records got him even more involved in buying and stocking the store with the most upfront tracks for all the local dj’s and edm fans. It was during this time that Psychoactive was consistently producing some of the largest events in the area alongside Sleepy C, Darwin, & Kevin Cunningham. With these events came a hectic travel schedule which found Fuzz & Kevin Cunningham headlining the millennium new years in Memphis, Tennessee rocking a sold out fairground complex.

Leaning more now to the jacking, fidgety, harder edged house sounds Fuzz still rocks every dance floor he has control of with a fire that has to be seen to be experienced. Every set Fuzz puts all he has into the one thing he loves most….seeing people dance!

In the upcoming year Fuzz will be focusing more on traveling to dj and working on his own original productions. Do not sleep on what is arguably one of the most genuine hard working artists in the Midwest.