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Tijuana, Mexico

Electronica, Tech House

AKA: Pepe Mogt, Nortec Collective

Sonic 360
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From Tijuana and founder of the Nortec Collective whose influences and musical backgrounds stem from traditional Mexican music and electronic industrialism, Electro, Funk and Techno


After been in many local bands and really not much happened, Fussible was born in 1997. The following year the first album called “Fono” was released written enterely by Melo Ruiz and Pepe Mogt except for the track “Milenio” wich includes a colaboration with Pgbeas and Rocio Vazquez(first Hiperboreal lineup)

After the release of “Fono”, Pepe wanted to figure out how to develop a distintive sound that would set them apart from their earlier compositions, he went to a local norteño music studio and grab samples of local folk music to start experimenting with it in conjuction with electronic music. This sound would turn out to be Nortec , a conjunction of Norteño(popular folk music in Tijuana) and Techno, a style they would help create , as well as share with a group of likeminded musicians that would eventually turn into the Nortec Collective. Fussible has released material with the Palm (Tijuana Sessions vol 1), in 2004 Melo Ruiz left Fussible

2005 Pepe Mogt Composed the tracks “Tijuana Makes Me Happy”, “Bar Infierno” and “Colorado” for the “Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3” album wich also included"Don Loope" and “Dandy del Sur” composed by Pepe Mogt and Pedro Beas.

Fussibe also have releases in labels like Sonic 360 and Nettwerk labels, and has also done remixes and colaborations for Lenny Kravitz, Morrissey, Banda El Recodo, Ennio Morricone for a Compost Records, 1 Giant Leap(Groove Armada, Brian Eno), Alan Parsons, David J (bauhaus), Adrian Dargelos(Babasonicos), Jessie Evans and Toby Dammit, Lucrecia, Rigo Tovar, Vitamins For You, Manrico Montero, Antiguo Automata Mexicano, Manu Chao, Experimental electronic music pionner Pauline Oliveros and Mambotur among others.

2008 fussible join forces with his all time Partner Bostich to create the Grammy Nomine album “Tijuana Sound Machine”(Nacional Records, Because Music).

Contact Fussible at this page for information about the Gigs, their Booking info, Management and tour dates.

“Vivimos en una ciudad cuyo nombre significa Wasteland”

Heriberto Yépez