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FUNK TRUCK are David Katshiner & Moran Ben Meir From Israel.

Both starting theyre musical career at the 90’s while each one of them come from other musical background .

David started as Requiem which was one of the busiest djs around Israel while Moran started his way as a producer and released in several labels with different styles of electronic music ( Vipasana , Crazy Ducks , Buster Groove ) .

The 2 have known eachother for about 11 years but only since the year 2010 they started to work together to try and bring something new to the scene , the idea was to create different style which will make some noise across the universe , and so formed FUNK TRUCK.

David & Moran worked veryhard to bring different sounds , alot of oldschool motives served on a plate of new futuristic beats that lives no doubt on the dancefloor !!

the guys debut theyre music with remixing MUTe – Mechanizm which was released by Iono music , and so began the way for Funk Truck which came very fast to a situation where the guys performing in major festivals around the globe side by side with top worldwide artists.

playing in many countries as Germany , Brazil , Australia , Switzerland , France , India , Austria and many more made them getting more knowing with theyre music.

In 2011 they released a compilation named " Reconnexion " featured remixes for top artists such as Psysex & Sun Project as well alot of great names inside , the compilation was the theme cd for Maitreya Festival which they performed in side by side awith artists such as Ace Ventura , Liquid Soul , FREq and many others.

2012 brought theyre Debut album called " Mind Frequencies " which was released by synergetic records.

The album brought a big bang to the world knowing that Funk Truck are hear with a big shout !.

With time the guys kept working on new music which was released in many different labels , including original material ( EP’s ) as well some remixes to top artists such as SUB6 , X NOIZE , YAHEL , INFECTED MUSHROOM , NOK , TICON and many others.

The music released in labels such as HOMMEGA , VUUV , IBOGA , NUTEK , PLUSQUAM and many others.

“Your Mind Is Free To Go Anywhere , Try To Go Somewhere No One Has Been Before "

Keep it up and Enjoy the music :)