Top 25k on The DJ List

Funk Junkie

Raleigh, United States

Open Format


So much has been said about one of the well known talents in the Carolinas and the East Coast. A producer, artist, radio dj, club entertainer, businessman and a crowd favorite, has made a mark for himself.

Dj Funk Junkie aka Michael Mayes is one of the pioneers of the funky breaks movement across the nation. Funk has proven himself across the dance floors across the U.S. with his hard hitting, relentless sets that keep you asking for more. What sets him apart is that he incorporates all genres of music like funky breaks, nu school, electro house, hip hop, mash ups of 80’s, old school ,rock, house, DNB, top 40 you name it it will be played. A very well rounded DJ.

Funk Junkie began his career in 1998 inspired by the top pioneer in breaks, DJ Icey. His career began playing at house parties and small in state parties in the Carolinas. One day a promoter noticed his talents. Funk Junkie was booked to play with the man that all started his career DJ Icey. He was commended by Icey of his talents and from there was sought out and booked for major events all over the East Coast. He has played along with some of the best DJs around the world. Here are some to name a few, Dj Skribble (MTV host/DJ), Baby Anne, DJ Rapp, Diesleboy, Bad Boy Bill, Steve Smooth, Huda Hudia, Rick West, DJ X, Deep Sky, Micro, AK1200, Mike B, Rabbit n the Moon, DJ Dan, Louie Devito, DeepSky, Magic Mike, Jenn Lasher, Scott Henry, Charles Feelgood, Vicious Vic, Heather Heart, Doc Roc, Angel Alanis, Bad Company, pioneer legend Keoki, Agent K, Jackal, Mix Master Mike, Mistress Barbara, Heavygrinder, Josh the funky one and Donald Gluade just to name a few. This list goes on during his DJ tenure.

Also, not to mention he has opened for World renowned music artist Naughty By Nature, Rob Base and Easy Roc, Gin Blossoms, Black Eye Peas, Violent Femmes, Everclear, Cypress Hill, PM Dawn, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Pete Pablo Britney Spears, The Artist formerly known as Prince, Blink 182 and Dougie Fresh. Furthermore, Funk went on tour in 2002 for the MTV College Spring Break tour with Dj Skribble.

Finally, Funk has done casting movie parties for Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Beauty in the Geek and local tv shows, University of NC Chapel Hill Basketball team Party and UNC Football after party. Last but not least to top off his resume’ Funk was invited to play at the Winter Music Conference in 2001,2002 and 2006 with all the top dj’s in the world.. Funk mentioned this: “I will never forget the 100’s and 1000’s of party goers I played for. An awesome feeling hanging out with the Biggest and Best Dj’s all over the world”.

As the music scene is forever changing, so will Dj Funk Junkie. Funk will always be a strong presence in the music scene whether it is producing, djing at clubs across the nation or doing business in the music industry. Funk is currently in the studio getting ready to put out some tracks. So be on the look out for his up coming releases. His mix cds are out so go get one. You will not be disappointed for sure.

If you ever get the chance to meet Funk Junkie, please introduce yourself to him. He will forever thank you for the support.