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Gothenburg, Sweden

Tech House, Techno

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I got addicted to electronic dance music near 20 years ago when I went to my fathers rehearsal and tried out some tapes with euro techno on a big sound system for the first time. The music turned out to be far much more than just for your ears.It was an incredible when you could feel the bassline through your body vibrate to different tunes. This was the start of a long jurney exploring electronic music.

From commercial club music I dug deeper into more underground tunes and fell in love with techno. Thanks to the swedish radioshow P3 dance and the local record store I was able to collect music.

The past ten years I´ve organized parties in the swedish underground electronic scene garthered more connections and explored different types of electronic dance music.

After resting my ears for two years the time has come for me to once again to enter the scene!