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Dj [email protected] (Gavrilov Alexander) born in Omsk, Russia, the 20-th of november 1988. Since early years he likes music. At the age of 7 years he entered at the musical school (piano). Few years later Alexander studied guitar and bass-guitar. At the age of 16 years he started to write electronic music. The main styles are trance (psy, goa, progressive, melodic…), house, symphonic electronica. Since 2006 works from Dj [email protected] are located at acidplanet.com and djfugas.pdj.ru There are several remixes made on him songs by deifferent artists.

Now Dj [email protected] – is the one of the best regional composers and Dj-s in such styles as trance, Goa and Psychedelic trance.

The best tracks of Dj [email protected]: Equator, Apofeouse, Lost Reality, Limit Of Infinity, Road To Heaven, Goafication, Revelation, Mental Flyght, Astral MInd, Freedom, Andromeda Nebula etc.