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FRY is one of the most freshest, and youngest DJ’ around, he has played alongside the biggest names in dance the industry and he is still only 17, every week he plays before or after top jocks such as Judge Jules, Lisa lashes, Anne Savage, Fergie, Dave Pearce, Rob Tissera, JFK, Scott Bond, Eddie Halliwell, Lab 4, Tidy boys, Daniel Bailey, playing back to back with Anne Savage, there’s really to many to name. With age on his side, and a main residency at the biggest weekly event in Wales (ROAR @ Vision 2k Cardiff) he sure knows how to rock a crowd!!!

A big fan of Judge Jules, Fry was at the unique age of 12 when father Christmas delivered his first set of decks, as he was Quickly developing a love for the industry and key skills, he needed to upgrade and move on to technics, this is when Fry’s brother (Leighton) bought the decks from a loan for his 1st car! This left him skint!! Fry decided to make DJing his career, and became the youngest professional DJ in the country.

Fry got in contact with Jimpy in the summer of 2001 and sent him a mix CD, with a friend to nag as well, finally, after sustained campaign of badgering – which fry admits he was quite happy to maintain until he got his way -Jimpy listened to the mix and immediately realized that there was something special going on and arranged to meet. But there was one more surprise to be let out of the bag – Fry already had three of his own tracks, the quality of which stunned Jimpy who compared them to Mauro Picottos work! Fry was then invited to the club by Jimpy and was picked up every Friday. He then started to know the scene even better, meeting a lot of contacts, and getting to know the more underground vibe!

Fry was held back by Jimpy and Andy for a while, they were making Fry wait, making sure he was itching to get on the decks, and with a combination of determination and skill Fry managed to secure his first gig on the 21st of Feb 2002 at the launch night of Aspire in Cardiff playing alongside Aj Gibson, Fry was already on the running to be the resident DJ of Roar alongside Jimpy, and then went on to play his debut set for Roar on the 1st of March 2002 alongside Scott Bond, Lisa Loud and Jimpy, Fry rocked the crowd and the Roar faithful were in no doubt that there was a new man in town!!!

Fry is now the Resident DJ of roar, and plays with the biggest DJ’ in the dance industry every week, he is still only 17 and has a big career ahead of him, his main aim is to get his tracks signed, 1 track has already been praised by (Ed Real of Nukleuz), and to DJ all over the U.K and Ibiza!!!.

Fry has currently done a remix for slinky resident Daniel Bailey; the track is called “Paint it Black.” Fry has remixed two tracks with Jimpy called Sosumi they are called Alone and Near me!

JFK Talks to Fry about playing @ Storm (Leicestershire)

Anne Savage (Quoted Fry as a serious dose of up and coming talent)

Fry Headlines in the South Wales Echo (Friday club section, full page article)

Fry is the youngest professional DJ in the country, playing with the biggest DJ’ in the world every week!!! at the biggest dance event in Wales! Roar! Fry is the Main room Resident DJ at the largest weekly dance event in Wales (UK) “ROAR @ Vision 2k Cardiff”

Fry’ Style: Depending on set time! Hard trance tunes with the strongest riffs 2 die for, Quality Uplifting trance, and Banging Hard Techno!!!

With a main room residency at the biggest dance venue in Wales, three remixes completed for slinky resident (Daniel Bailey ‘Paint it Black’ and Sosumi ‘Alone’ & ‘Near Me’, Having warm talks with Jfk @ Passion and Storm, and being praised by all the top jocks, he’ the one DJ Wunderkid to watch out for in the future!!!

Fry is also available to remix your tracks on spec. Having just completed a Jimpy & Fry ‘ROAR’ remix for Daniel Bailey of ‘Paint It Black’ and Sosumi ‘Alone’ & ‘Near Me’ interest from some major artists & labels which want to sign and work with him on future projects is coming in thick and fast…

Not only that but the 2002 Welsh Music awards are upon us and Fry has been nominated for Best Up & Coming DJ.

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Fry is now also looking for new DJ agency / artist management representation within the UK & abroad to free up time for his studio & promotional work.

Email: [email protected] for further info. Email: [email protected]

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