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Penang, Malaysia

Electro House, Progressive House

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FrozeBeatzz as known as Dj Devozz,he was grew up in Penang island,malaysia, he has a huge interested in Dj and music,he has been Dj-ing since 2010 till now,in the past 2010 he was under the guidance from the finest Dj Jey ,ex -mois club Dj and also other senior Dj guidance and guide him. Althrough he is still new in Music Industry but he never fail to bring the heat up in clubs.He always have the passion upon all types of dance music.He had also helped opening for SPIN MASTER 2 CHAMPIONSHIP DJ Ramsey Westwood.

he normally spins all kind of music including all type of Electronic Dance Music such as House music,Proggresive,Tech House,Electro House,Trance and etc. He also one of the Beat Bangerzz Underground Crew co-founder and one of Ark Angels Dj Crew 2ND BADDEST DJ CREW in New Jersey #149 member


-Penang Times Square Hard Dance showcase Guest Dj

-Birthday Bash Pool Party Guest Dj

-Heritage Club Penang-2010 xmas Eve party Guest Dj

-Base Club Penang-2011 New Year Eve countdown party Guest Dj

-Shutter 8,Golden Phoenix, Hehe pub,Ipoh Guest Dj

-Galaxia & Youth Carnival,Penang Times Square,Hotlink Roadshow Guest Dj

-Fame Amateur Dj Competition 2Heat Dj competition(21/04/2011)

-Bagan Bar & restaurant (16/04/2011) Guest Dj feat Dj Orangez K

-Bagan Bar & restaurant (23/04/2011) Guest Dj

-Penang Youth Jam Guest Dj

-‘’Rock Da Crowd’’ Pro Dj Competition 2011 Finalist

-Resident Dj at Difda Restaurant &Bistro (19/12/2011)

-Resident Dj at Silk Pub Penang (1/3/2012)

-Resident Dj at Zenzibar Pub (1/07/2012)

-Youth Jam Dj Battle Finalist

-Resident Dj at Spark Fusion Bistro (12/12/2013 – 30/4/2014)