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Frosty Music

Stockholm, Sweden

House, Minimal

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Paul Forsberg -frosty (frosty music) is the man behind the label with the same name.

Born into a musical family in Sweden 1974, paul forsberg-frosty started playing drums at an early age.

Playing more noise than music however since the household could not afford a drumkit- but the young forsberg was just as content practicing on upside down pots & pans stolen from the kitchen and maybe it was thanks to all the noise he now loves the underground sound that he does. (thanks mom for putting up with all the noise I’ve so happily been making my whole life – love you, :)

The passion for beats & rythm made the transition from drums to decks the way forward in 1993, and the sound of underground house music has been in the record box ever since.

After switching from CD to vinyl when everyone was doing the opposite (mostly for the cred admittedly ;) and expanding his record collection to include uplifting house he landed his first regular gigs in Copenhagen 2004 in a fantastic downtown lounge called Björg’s cafe.

By playing alongside denmarks finest dj’s (Nima Gorji, Tim Andresen, Asle Bjoern, Ronin, Feldtman & many more ) he finally really started to understand the underlying structure of the music (bars – not just good for hanging out in, actually pretty good stuff to count as well!!!!) and his mixing went from rookie / horrible (let’s be honest here for once :) to decent – and finally after a lot of friendly tips & help from good friends & dj’s Nick Levin & Tim Andresen the trains started to arrive at the platform in a chugging syncronized manner in stead of the … welll ….ehem not perfect .. ehem —-no change that to trainwrecks that he used to be so proud of earlier :)

The label frosty music (2005) was later started as a promise to a fantastic producer & good friend of paul forsberg’s – Asle Bjoern – to get the melodic progressive tune Lucky You onto vinyl.

Asle Bjoern featuring Anne |Leya| – Lucky You |frosty music 2005| then went on to become a huge hit in Bulgaria of all places & featured heavy on MTV.

Since the modest start of his dj (career playing at a few private parties in Melbourne Australia 1994) paul forsberg -frosty has now played gigs in some of the worlds finest clubs in all kinds of exotic & interesting places around the globe such as Brasil, India, Italy, USA, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria (and countless other less exotic places as well).

2010 is becoming the magic year for paul forsberg -frosty; the now 36 year old Swede got signed as resident with the Stockholm Underground club promotors and is booked weekend after weekend to play his chugging tech house productions for Stockholm’s finest crowds – and the response from extremely well educated & picky crowd has so far been overwhelming!

His tribal tech house remix of Who The Funk : Shiny Disco Balls (named frosty’s shiny disco bitch) is completely blowing up at the moment and has support not only from the extremely talented stockholm scene (with Darwin & Backwall leading the way featuring the track in their Radio Loca session #9) but also by Bora Bora (Ibiza) resident and founder of Will Johnston as well as countless dj’s from Italy to Mexico.

DISCOGRAPHY of upcoming tracks

The debut solo artist album of paul forsberg-frosty will be released globally everywhere in the fall, but the spring / summer of 2010 will feature TWENTY releases / EP’s featuring his tracks – so please do the best kind of voting there is and purchase the tracks you like to ensure that the scene continues!

Many thanks from Sweden and the underground tech house movement that is -————frosty music

written by paul forsberg april 2010
the third person style of writing is silly but the standard praxis – so I hope you enjoyed me blowing my own horn