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Rotterdam, Netherlands

House, Trance

Data, Ultra Records
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FRONTIER, The story started around 2000 when DJ/Producers Brad Grobler and Rob Janssen met each other in a record store in London.

They started to talk about music, food and girls. They decided to cooperate and after working hard under different artist names, the name Dance Nation was born and their first releases “Sunshine” (2001) shot like a comet through the national and international charts.

Another Project which they produced “Becca” went to no6 in the USA Billboard Charts and no1 in Canada. The Guys are also famous for making remixes for the USA and Canadian market and believe it or not these Pioneers were nominated for the “Juno Awards” (The Grammy Awards of Canada).

As Dance Nation DJ Team, Rob & Brad performed all over the world from Japan to Spain, Germany to Poland.

Now, a hot new DJ project is born : FRONTIER. This time, Rob and Brad are the central focus as DJ’s/Producers.