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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Electro House, Trance

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The beginning of DJ Froid can be traced back to the 1998 Nightclub & Bar Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a young, mobile DJ new to the industry, he was walking the show floor with his good friend and one of his DJ mentors Dan Walker when some music caught his ear. After navigating through the maze of liquor vendors, and novelty displays, he found himself at the Martin Lighting booth watching an amazing demo of intelligent lighting. While the lighting was fantastic, it was the song playing at the demo that totally captivated him. The song was “Busy Child” by The Crystal Method and it was his first introduction to electronic music. Today, Crystal Method is still one of his biggest influences and inspirations and, with his recent move to Abu Dhabi and the global variety of music available there, DJ Froid’s passion for electronic music is stronger than ever.

DJ Froid (Yes like “Sigmund Freud”) was jocularly named by DJ Phantom of New York while working together in Arizona in 1999. As a young DJ/musician, Froid always had a passion and talent for music, but approached the equipment and DJ technique side of things in his typical way: analysis, research, and logic. DJ Phantom found that approach interesting and entertaining…hence, Froid (Freud). So why Froid instead of “Freud?” Phonetics. For whatever reason, “Freud” was getting butchered when various people tried to pronounce it. So, Freud it started out as, Froid it became and Froid it is.