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Frogs In Socks


Arthouse, Death Proof Recordings, Erase Records
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Friends since spawn, the boys began djing after failing to impress on

the boyband scene. This was due in part to follicular irregularities and

a rare case of vicious Tourette’s. Dr. Fox was less than impressed,

“…you boys are utter shite!”

However, the duo didn’t see these issues as obstacles on the dj circuit,

so they learnt how to count to four and bought some shit records. After

realising there was more to music than first appeared they set off on a

wonderful adventure of fun and fantasy, evolving into musically-bound

frogs trapped in socks filled with low slung, trashy, dungaree-wearing

house music.

The first to notice their tyrannical genius was none other than Andrew

Weatherall, signing their remix of Two Lone Swordsmen’s ‘Shack 54’ to

the Rotter’s Golf Club label. Next was none other than the

preposterously rambunctious Elite Force and his U&A imprint, giving the

stocking bouncing fiends a chance at remixing ‘White Lightning’.

“Really slick with a nice blend of styles. Funny, too!” – Nic Fanciulli

“Very enjoyable” – Yousef

“Expect to hear plenty more from this duo.” – IDJ Magazine (‘Raw

Talent’ Winners)