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Friscia And Lamboy


Friscia & Lamboy

DJ, Production & Remix Team

When you combine one of New York’s all time most prolific Djs and the talents of a keyboard revolutionary, you get Friscia and Lamboy. Their eclectic sound and energetic style has led this team to be regarded as one of today’s most sought after duos. Soaring vocals, electro influences, tribal and deep house beats are some of the ingredients to their productions and remixes as well as their Dj sets. With this much talent in one room, it is no wonder they have engraved themselves into the minds of dance music aficionados.

Glenn Friscia became the resident DJ on WQHT-FM’s “Original Saturday Night Dance Party” for 11 years, where he would broadcast live from a list of clubs that read like a who’s who of night life including Palladium, Emerald City, Limelight, Roseland, Club USA and Expo. Friscia even conquered New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts at clubs such as Chicago/Sound Garden, Abyss, Hunka Bunka, Velvet, and Avalon in Boston. Soon after, Friscia found himself around the world broadcasting live from venues such as Coda in Japan and The Hippodrome and Ministry of Sound in London just to name a few. His foray into radio became so successful that he was the only person in radio history to compile a 35 share for a mix radio show.

Frank Lamboy, a classically trained pianist who thinks outside the box, established himself as a programmer with monikers such as Renegade Tribe and Twelve Tone. Those early projects developed his style and a reputation which caught the attention of the european dance scene early on. While all the time developing his abilities as a pianist in a conservatory, Frank never denied his love for dance music which eventually led him to travel abroad to Dj, produce and remix.

Together, Friscia & Lamboy have been churning out beats that have caught the attention of dance floors and djs alike internationally. Their coming together as a team was due to a mutual friend, Dj Mike Cruz. In turn, their first remix together, “Noah’s Organ,” led to what is now, their unique fusion of different styles of dance music. Four years later, their style is ever evolving in producing cutting edge tracks and beats. As Frank Lamboy always says, “Ultimately, it’s about the vibe.”

Combined, their experience as taste makers has allowed them to take their sound globally and have played at many high profile parties for the likes of MTV networks, E! Networks, Ralph Lauren, NBC’s Law and Order, HBO’s Sex and the City and The Soprano’s. They have even played for release parties for the likes of Madonna. In a days work, you can find them putting their unique spin on remixes for contemporary artists such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Cher, Anastacia, Todd Terry, Inaya Day, Murk and most recently Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Currently, Glenn Frisica holds a residency at Krash NYC and can be heard on WNEW Mix 102.7 FM every Saturday Night. Frank Lamboy currently holds a residency at The Cage in Hoboken NJ.

As a team, they know no bounds and have some of the most inventive production and remixing work out there today. As Djs, they have proven to be synonymous with success. Friscia and Lamboy are a force that cannot be ignored. Their mark in the dance scene can be heard, seen and felt. In an ever evolving business, Friscia and Lamboy are always ahead of the curve and show no signs of slowing down.