Fresko Beatport


In Miami, when the topic is brought up about who’s the next and most upcoming many are thrown out but only one is of significant recognition

Coming off a very interesting start Dj Fresko is rapidly increasing his respect throughout his home town. Born and Raised in miami Fresko has already dominated the scene with all of his outstanding performances. The story began at a small house party in which the Dj never Showed up. With the Equipment at his expense he got behind the decks not knowing a single component about mixing or Deejaying he began to “go with the flow” and just play music. A party that seemed to be a Epic Failure quickly turned into a party that would not soon be forgotten.

Influenced by music growing up such as Freestyle, Disco , and Hip hop in couraged Andres more to become what he would never expect . 4 years later Miami has bread one of the best and youngest Djs. climbing steadily to the top by proving the industry what he can really do. inspired by Dj chino ( Artist Related) which took him under his Wing in his early start he quickly learned and under stood what it was going to take to become one of the best.

Throughout the entire course of working in the nightlife it has become more and more about “Giving the audience a show” . Caring for his fans and loving all of his supporters he has always said its not just about mixing or playing a record but more about Connecting the music with your soul. Passionate and motivated he has conquered the scene. Known for his “Off the walls” house Music he always finds a way to keep the crowd pumping and jumping with every single track hitting the dance floor like and atomic bomb.

With his production skills increasing he has dedicated more time to being in the studio working on many tracks. Still remaining independent with no label things continue to look up for Fresko. Already on his third Mixtape with the fourth soon to be on the rise, Not just Miami nor the usa but the world is soon finding out who he really is. With the combination of an amazing personality and a compassion for music Fresko has begun to take the reins of the train of success.

At the age of 22 Fresko remains humble and patient awaiting his upcoming Record deal and soon to be Road Tour. "being able to travel all across the seas is my dream, to have the chance to share my music to the entire World " Fresko says. For now he continues to be Snatch Agency’s Premier Artist .