Mohammad (Arya) Azad, more commonly known as DJ Freeman worldwide, is a specialized “Trance and House Progressive” DJ/Producer. He is also keying some Dubstep stuff now. ... read more
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Mohammad (Arya) Azad, more commonly known as DJ Freeman worldwide, is a specialized “Trance and House Progressive” DJ/Producer. He is also keying some Dubstep stuff now.

Personal Life

Freeman was born in Qom, Persia in 1982. From his early life, he always liked music, and he used to listen so enthusiastically to two main styles of music whose names he was not aware of at that time. Later, he learned that they were called “Rock” and “Trance”. He liked “Trance” the best.

As a teenager, he tried to learn the basics of Trance, and over-listened to the tracks performed by Klaus Schulze, Jam El Mar, Oliver Lieb, and Sven Väth. As he grew older, he endeavored to learn the scientific foundations of music in general and trance in particular.

He has never been away from science in his life. Now, he is now a university teacher, holding an MA degree in Applied Linguistics. He believes that knowing Applied Linguistics has helped him improve his music production. He has always pointed out that “one can hardly suppose that these two can be even related to each other, I know.”

Musical Life

In his musical resume, one can find direct collaborations with such great artists as “Colin Dale, DJ Winn, DJ Drilla, Gabo, Mish, Tropical Highlight, Xerox, X-wave & Melicia, etc” in making original mixes. Working with admirable singers like “Carly Rae Jepsen, Juliet Lyons, Kwan Hendry, Maksim, Max Urban, and Yuri Rods” is another highlight of his career. Additionally, he has also taken part in remix projects with outstanding artists as “Skrillex, t.A.T.u, Ural Djs, Tony Tweaker, Roni Meller & Dee Dee, and Potap & Nastya Kamensky”, just to name a few.

Freeman has been “supported” by Tiesto, once; Stoneface & Terminal, twice; and Jaytech, twice, in their radio shows as well as being listed in many other radio shows by some other artists. In addition, he has his own “quarterly” radio show called “Famous Artists In The House (FAITH)”, which is broadcasted at the end of every season. He includes some outstanding Trance and House Progressive tracks in his FAITH.

In Trance, he has collaborated with Colin Dale, V-Sag, Xerox, Liquid Metal, X-wave, Melicia, etc. In House he has worked with Tropical Highlight, Gabo, DJ Winn, Drilla, Mish. etc. In Dubstep, he has released an official remix of Skrillex’s Sabskribe.

Freeman’s track has been remixed by such artists as Purple Project, Kimen,Tony Tweaker, Artemil, Dj Zvukoff, Buteratte, Colmo, Dan Kubo, Happy Paul, Refined Brothers, Saphro, Saqud, Sergey Rua, Stereo Bomb, The Mrak, Blackwhited, Christopher Francis, Mr.Mieszunio, Dj Gladiator, DJ V1t, Fine Touch, Fortune Phonic, Locco Lovers, Omri-S, Slin Project, Mr. Basic, and many others.

Furthermore, one can truly claim that almost every track he has made, regardless of the fact that whether it is its original mix and/or its remix(es), has been charted in different compilations by many music label companies (Check Freeman On the Net and/or Social Links). Spreading so many original tracks, remixes, and vinyls through the Net, Freeman has now become much more famous than ever in his career throughout the world, particularly in Asia, Middle East, & South America.

Keep on waiting for his new tracks……