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His real name is Wojciech Alifierz. His first contact with music as a DJ he had at the very beginning of the 90s, when clubbing in Poland was just coming to life. Thanks to arduous work, and most of all his passion he was developing his musical skills in search of his own unique style. His refined compositions in various musical styles of house, trans or electro bear fruit on the dance floor and provide a blend of spatially mixed fresh and current beats and sounds. He was a guest star of the most Polish reputable clubs. He co-created and took care of musical stage of the famous underground Le Madame club in Warsaw.

The most important events:

Oorganizer and participant of 2 stage during event with Carl Cox in Sluzew (Warsaw), participant of “The Lords Of London Underground” festival, organizer Pete Haywood show in Insomnia Club (Warsaw), organizer and participant of Ibiza Summer Cocktail Tour 2002, organizer and participant of HI Summer Tour 2004.He is a man perceiving music through emotion it provides.