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DJ Free was born in 1985 in Switzerland. He’s always lived next to Laman (or the unofficial name: “Geneva Lake” – the biggest lake in central Europe) where he often has the occasion to sail on one of his 2 boats. It was close to this area that the Alinghi boat was built! (yes that’s the Alinghi team who won the America’s Cup!) This sport is for him a “relaxation” (a little bit sporting nevertheless but a formidable place where he likes composing music) and at the same time he’s had many funny moments with his friends. He also plays basketball because with his size nobody can doubt! But in a friendly way… to tell you the truth he manages rather well ;) He likes all kinds of other sports because he adores the sport. And of course as his name indicates it he’s also a DJ mixing on his turntables (MK2) and his mixtable (BST). He adores handling the vinyls mixing them together to give a new sound each time he listens to them… He finds that much more original than the cds! And less wearying! As regards his musical taste he likes all types with some preferences for techno: house, trance & progressive.

He likes also data processing for work but also for fun. He’s looking after his web site where you can find his mixes. And he also uses his computer to create new digital sounds for his mixes. Of course computer is an extraordinary tool for producers and he used to using it to create good music as he wants.

We can often see him on the dance floor near of his area because he adores dancing too!