Artist Biography Fredy S. Born in 1980 in a small town in deepest Switzerland Fredy S. only needed four years to know what his passion is nothing inspired him more than ... read more


Genre: Techno

Artist Biography Fredy S.

Born in 1980 in a small town in deepest Switzerland Fredy S. only needed four years to know what his passion is nothing inspired him more than sitting next to music speakers and listen to the vibes. Listening to Jean-Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk led him to electronic music and he started mixing vinyls in 1992. After a two year period of getting introduced to the skills and creations of being a DJ, he debuted at Space Club in Seewen/Switzerland in 1994. The party got started.

Two years later Fredy S. got a resident contract at Litefire Winterthur/Switerland and performed at several parties all over Switzerland. At the time he was a resident at Litfire the bookings from abroad started to increase. Southern Germany and Austria were the first steps out of Switzerland. From the beginning he knew what it means to delight the crowd with rhythmic and pulsative beats on three decks for sure. The crowd went crazy. Due to his perfect technical skills Fredy S. soon got bookings from all over the world.

In 1997 Fredy S. had one of his sets abroad in southern Germany, when he suddenly got an offer to perfom at a party in Hans-Martin-Schleier Halle in Stuttgart/Germany and even more spectacular an offer from a enterprise for an exclusice worldwide contract over fife years. But Fredy S. decided the moment was to early, and he wanted to learn more, to get experienced, to play the music he wants wherever, whenever. Which he did.

After Switzerland, Germany and Austria Fredy S. soon started to act at turntables at well known parties all over the world, such as the Area51 Festival in Belgium in front of 2600 crazy people. Or at the Stor Fest in Sweden were he ! was invited to play at the Stahlplatten Label Party. At Big Bang Festival in Germany he enjoyed a set with Jeff Mills and Der Dritte Raum in front of a crazy 4000 people crowd. Dont forget the guest acts at Rohstofflager in Zurich/Switzerland.

Social responsibility is not a foreign word for Fredy S. He loves to perform for charity reasons, such as he did in 2001, when Fredy S. and friends made a set at the worlds biggest benefit rave ever in Herford/Germany.

Streetparade, when one million people come to Zurich/Switzerland for one of the biggest and finest techno events all over the world, used to be a gig platform for Fredy S. in 1997, 1998 and 2001. In 2006 Fredy S. was the initiator and organisor of Sputnik, one of the finest after Streetparade parties in Zurich. The Advent and Ben Sims followed his invitation and performed at Sputnik 2006.

Fredy S. has an idol as we all do. His long term friend Cari Lekebusch inspired him through all the years and was a mentor and teacher for him. One of the greatest moments in Fredy S. musical career was a set at Sputnik Blue Party in Neuchatel/Switzerland, when Cari Lekebusch surprised him and joined his set.

Fredy S. was interviewed by many media as belgium or german television. He made live performances for several swiss radio stations and enjoyed performing with great artist as the mentioned Cari Lekebusch, Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, The Advent, Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Der Dritte Raum, Gayle San, Eric Sneo, Hardcell & Grindvik, Lucca, DJ Rush, Marco Zaffarano, Edelstahl, Deetron, Mark Williams, Moonbootica, Surgeon, Miss Djax, Mauro Pcotto, Lars Klein and many,many more

Giving the crowd what it wants, from moment to moment, the interaction with the public, is a permament source of inspiration for him. These days Fredy S. feels very comfortable in the ! renewed swiss underground techno movement where he is launching his own parties and started to produce music himself. In 2005 Fredy S. joined the label Stahlplatten as a DJ and Promotor, where he acts until today. He prepares his first vinyl release with Edelstahl and Damian (Stahlplatten). So better get ready for his future performances – the show goes on in 2008!