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Recognized as the “black sheep” and noisy kid in class, Frederik Olufsen’s unlimited forward thinking and boundless productivity has gained him support from some of the biggest shots in the national and international business, acknowledging him as the busiest producer in Denmark.

In 2008 Frederik Olufsen had his first signing at the Danish house label Nightology Records, rapidly followed by contracts at various acknowledged labels (15+ atm) such as Coco Machete, Big Fish Recordings, Erase Records, Plasma.Digital etc. with remixes of/by the likes of Lazy Rich, Dirtyloud, Baba Black, FM Belfast, Alphabeat, Tai, Yenn, Dúné and Utku S. just to name a few.

In few words Frederik Olufsen manages to create a completely unique sound-spectre, by combining a rather inconvienient and yet so rockin’ mixture of dustep and electro, crossing over 8-bit, screamo, DnB, progressive and glamour, he will undoubtably take you on a journey which wiil enlight and corrupt your very mind, body and your soul!

When performing live Frederik Olufsen is outstanding. His energetic and full hearted appearance drags you willing or not into his impulsive musical universe. The music itself is performed in a complex set which seems effortless and intense at the same time.

In late 2009 Frederik Olufsen launched Denmarks hottest electro label Royal Fetish Recordings