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Frederik Abas

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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FREDERIK ABAS raised in Haarlem, close to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Frederik’s big passion for music began in 1991 when he was 16 and worked for a big drive-in show company as a light and sound technician. Just after, in 1993, Frederik started playing music at student, wedding and college parties.

The Dutch house founders DJ Marcello and DJ Dimitri were Frederik’s sources of inspiration for playing house music. Frederik plays club house and tech house music. Frederik’s tunes are considered as energetic and danceable appealing to a large group of people without losing it’s underground identity.

Frederik’s first serious bigger events where he started performing, took place at the Beverwijk bazaar in 1994 for the just founded organisation ’Loveland’’. Loveland has been well known and very successful in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands since 1994. Loveland’s events T-Dansant and Fire have made Loveland successful. Frederik has played at many events for this organisation: The Nieuwmarkt Square on Queens days, the New Year’s Eve event at Park Plaza together with Kevin Saunderson and last November at Hotel Arena together with Derrick May. In August 2007 Frederik played at the Loveland Festival for 12.000 people. On the 2nd of August 2008, after Loveland’s success in 2007, nearly 15.000 people visited the 2008 edition. Frederik played in the same area together with Fedde Le Grand, Erick E, Gregor Salto and Don Diablo.

In clubs Frederik started playing for Kamasutra who organised parties at Marcanti Plaza in Amsterdam in 1994. Frederik has played at nearly every bigger club in the Netherlands and also performed at most festivals.

Since August 2005, every second Saturday of the month Frederik has been the resident DJ of Amsterdam’s biggest nightclub: ESCAPE. The second Saturday of the month has been a mega success so far; from August 2005 this club night has achieved the biggest amount of visitors in Amsterdam since many years!

Since November 2007, after the long lasting success of the second Saturday of the month at Escape, Frederik achieved an other residency. Every Sunday night Frederik performs at Escape. Every Sunday Frederik invites on rotation: Djs Sidney Samson, Jean, Tony Cha Cha and Quintino.

From January 2006, every first Saturday of the month, Frederik performs, as the resident DJ of Amsterdam’s trendiest club: JIMMY WOO.

In October 2006 Frederik was personally invited by DJ TISTO to perform a 3,5 hour club and tech house set for his own event at Escape in Amsterdam on the 22nd of December 2006. The event for 2.000 people was sold out already four weeks before DJ TISTO and Frederik’s performance. After the success in December 2006, DJ TISTO is now planning a DJ TISTO / FREDERIK ABAS performance in the middle of 2009.

From March 2007 Frederik started playing regularly at the very successful Hed Kandi events in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Hed Kandi is well known from the CD compilations.

In August 2007 Frederik achieved a residency at beach club Bloomingdale at Bloemendaal aan Zee. Together with the other residents, DJs Roog, Don Diablo, Gregor Salto, Lucien Foort and Ricky Rivaro, Frederik was contracted for the summer season 2008 at Bloomingdale.

Last year Frederik has been performing at many international gigs. Countries where Frederik recently played: United States, Thailand, Brasil, Curaao, Aruba, Russia, England, Belgium, France and Lithuania. In the coming months Frederik will be playing in Hong Kong, Beijing, Russia, Lithuania, United States and Thailand.