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Freddy Marquez

Dj y Productor de Barcelona, ha entrado varias veces en los Top Charts House en Beatport junto a Dario Nuñez y Oscar Cano dj Residente de Space (Ibiza), llegando al nº, #2, #4, #33, #25.

Algunas de sus sesiones;

Space (Ibiza), Pacha (Barcelona), La Terrrazza (Barcelona), City Hall (Barcelona), El Cel (Barcelona), CDLC (Barcelona), Discoteque (Barcelona), Ei-bi-Si (Granollers) KU (Benidorm), D-Sade (Milan), XXL (Zurich), Vivid (Miami), Blue (Miami), Escape, (Amsterdam), Prestige, (Bern),il Pacha,(Palermo), Le Nitro (Montpellier) etc…

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(English) BIO

Originally from Barcelona (Spain), Freddy Marquez has broken into the Spanish music scene quickly and firmly, proving himself not only an excellent DJ, but also as a emergent worldwide producer of electronic music.

The road has not been easy in the summer of 2001 he moved to miami

where he worked in several clubs including vivid, level, blue. Later he returned to Barcelona and take to London and then fuck ibiza destination.

Since landing on the white island of Ibiza, the future starts to look a little better. He has played in many clubs Around teh World, such as;

Space (Ibiza), D-sade (Milan), XXL,

Vivid (Miami), Blue (Miami), Escape (Amsterdam), Prestige, (Bern), il Pacha (Palermo), Le Nitro (Montpellier), Pacha (Barcelona), La Terrrazza (Barcelona), City Hall (Barcelona), El Cel (Barcelona), Energia (Granada), Zona Limite (Pamplona), KU (Benidorm),etc.

In 2004 Freddy understands that his path in music must be focused on the production, directly influenced by his family, most with roots music, rides his recording studio. and start a new road parallel to his role as DJ, where he began to take shape as a producer.

in the last years 2009-2010,Freddy Marquez currently has achieved great things in electronic music including House Beatport Hit # 4 (Are You Gonna Go ..) Top # 25 (Sambalalele)

Top # 33 (Money for Nothing) with oscar cano and renowned producer, and its greatest support in Spain Dario Nuñez.

their recent remix, Rosario, Carlos Martin & Carlotek (SP Recordings) London, (has been supported by BBC Radio One London, Roger Sanchez, Audio Jack, Chris Lake, Slam, Dubfire, Terry Francis, and more .. Good Things (Supported by Bingo Players ).

We are facing an obvious reality is that step by step, with great sacrifice, and perseverance, Freddy Marquez is present and future, and one of the great talents emerging in the Spanish and European house music.